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NCA International



NCA International is part of the Association of Nicaragua Christian Academy, a network of three schools founded on the same founding mission of Academic Excellence with a Christian Foundation.  With its beginnings in 1991, NCA International was the founding school of this association, and is unique in its context of a fully English-language education and a high percentage of international and missionary families.  NCA Nejapa (founded in 2005) and NCA Matagalpa (founded in 2013) are committed to the same principles of Academic Excellence with a Christian Foundation, but the primary language of instruction is Spanish and most students and staff are Nicaraguan.

All three schools are governed by a seven-member school board that oversees the association and each of the schools.  The school board members are elected by the General Assembly of Missionary Parents during its annual meeting.

For a list of our current school board members, visit the NCA Association Governance page.

Eric Loftsgard

Eric Loftsgard

Hometown: Bend, Oregon
Mission name: Missionary Ventures International
Description: A Great Commission ministry that seeks to "Disciple the Nations"
Ministry role: Nicaragua Country Director
Impassioned for all forms of Christian education that brings about personal, community and national transformation
Mark Bachert

Mark Bachert

Hometown: Clinton, Ontario, Canada
Mission name: Seed Sowers International
Description: Evangelistic Outreach, Church Planting, Child Sponsorship
Ministry role: President
We believe that God has called us to serve Him in this Republic, and have sought to do so since March of 2003. The Lord has blessed my wife and I with four beautiful children and so we have a vested interest in the direction of ANCA. We support the biblical foundation and core values of ANCA. We firmly believe that through education and the gospel of our Lord Jesus lives will be transformed and culture impacted as God’s kingdom purposes advance.
Steve Holtrop

Steve Holtrop

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Mission name: Resonate Global Mission
Description: Helps churches, schools, and businesses become healthier institutions who collaborate to impact communities.
Ministry role: Regional Mission Leader, Central America
I value the role of education in the discipleship process of children. I want to see that flourish within NCA and also encourage ways that NCA can learn from and also serve the broader educational community in Nicaragua.