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Mission and Values

Mission and Values

"I love the focus on Biblical learning and spiritual development. I really appreciate the family-like atmosphere. I also really appreciate how the teacher modified the classroom for my daughter's visual impairment. She is a great teacher and I'm so glad my daughter was in her class."

-- Elementary parent

NCA International adheres to the mission of the Association of Nicaragua Christian Academy Schools.  NCA International seeks to fulfill its part of the mission by focusing on the following mission statement components and values.

Mission Statement

NCA International partners with Christian parents in forming active disciples of Jesus Christ, equipped to impact society through the development of their spiritual discernment, moral courage and academic excellence.

Identity Statement

Nicaragua Christian Academy (NCA) schools are evangelical, interdenominational, non-profit preschool, elementary, and secondary educational institutions.  These schools meet the requirements of the Government of Nicaragua and follow the criteria established and in line with the philosophy of NCA.

The primary and intentional ministry of NCA International is to provide a Christian education for the children of expatriate evangelical missionary families.  To the extent that it is consistent with the primary ministry, we desire to partner with Nicaraguan and other Christian families who are seeking an international Christian education for their children.  The program of study follows the North American school calendar year and provides an accredited North American liberal arts English-language education that prepares students to enter institutions of higher learning worldwide.

Additionally, we seek to collaborate in the Christian School movement in Nicaragua by actively participating in school associations and strengthening programs for teacher training, among other educational service opportunities. We influence and work alongside Christian educational centers and networks of educators to impact families, Nicaraguan society, and the nations for Christ.

Christian Values and Discipleship

Nicaragua Christian Academy is committed to the advancement of Christian education, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, which fosters the formation of Christ-followers who, motivated by heartfelt love for God, live as global agents of change.

  • People of virtue: excellence, integrity, humble, lovers of God and His Word
  • Christ-centered: servant leaders, care for creation, gracious and forgiving
  • Lifelong learners: love for learning, self-motivated and eager for knowledge
  • Agents of change: creative and innovative, restorative, mission-minded, disciples and disciple-makers