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"By far the greatest strengths are the Christian teachers. Never have we encountered such a loving, caring group of staff members in one school. We also appreciate the flexibility to have students attend school part-time, full-time, or home-school (while still taking advantage of the after-school activities). In addition, we appreciate the light that NCA is in the greater Managua community."

-- Elementary/High school parent

A Unique Opportunity

NCA International is a unique school with an exciting task in Nicaragua.  NCA seeks to train up future leaders to demonstrate true servant leadership and make decisions based on the Word of God and a compassion for their country.  As a teacher at NCA International, you are given the awesome responsibility of teaching and preparing children for leadership in government, business, education, the church, and their communities.  Our vision is the formation of Christ-followers who, motivated by heartfelt love for God, live as global agents of change!


  • Personal relationship with Jesus Christ; Evangelical Christian testimony with active local church experience
  • 4-year degree in Education or "in-field" 
  • Teacher certification and 2 years experience recommended for all positions
  • Sense of calling to teach in a developing nation setting
  • Willingness to make a three (or more) year commitment


  • Basic monthly stipend provided: $550 living stipend + $170 housing stipend
  • Housing arrangements made by school
  • Visa and residency costs while in the country
  • Tuition discount for children
  • Cross-cultural setting and many opportunities to serve

Raising Support

Teachers are encouraged to seek support through evangelical mission agencies and through local churches to cover their travel and monthly living expenses.  The basic monthly stipend is generally enough to cover the in-country living expenses of a single teacher.  We recommend raising additional support to cover family expenses, travel to and from Nicaragua, medical insurance, and other financial obligations.

How do I Begin?

  1. Watch the video (above) to learn more about our school.
  2. Look at the list of current opportunities (below).
  3. Complete the teacher application or volunteer application and submit it by email, along with required attachments.
  4. Contact your references to have them complete and send the pastoral recommendation and professional recommendation.
  5. If you have questions, start by reading our FAQ.

Important Documents

Current NCA International Openings

NCA International is currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year (orientation begins July 27, 2020; teacher crash course begins July 22, 2020).  Descriptions of the openings are below.

Immediate Needs (Start January 2020 or sooner!)

  • Part-Time SOAAR Assistant (NCA International)
  • ELL/ESL Teacher (NCA International)
  • Secondary English / Social Studies Teacher (NCA International)
  • EFL English Teacher (NCA Nejapa)
  • EFL English Teacher (NCA Matagalpa)

Possible Openings Starting August 2020 in NCA International

Please note that when we post positions in September/October, we are advertising for all areas where one or more teachers are in their last year of commitment to NCAI.  However, our timeline for teachers to confirm whether or not they will be continuing at NCAI is not until December/January.  By posting these possible positions earlier, we hope to allow potential teachers to begin communicating with us and even work through the application process during the first semester.  Then, when any teacher shares with us their decision to make this their final year at NCAI, we might already have one or more qualified applicants for their position.

  • Preschool Teacher
  • Lower Elementary Teacher
  • Upper Elementary Teacher
  • ELL/ESL Teacher
  • Secondary English/Social Studies Teacher
  • Secondary Math Teacher
  • Computers/Technology Teacher
  • Elementary Physical Education Teacher
  • Support Services, such as Chaplain, Librarian or Learning Resources
  • Secondary Guidance Counselor
  • SOAAR Special Education Assistant

NCAI College Counselor (Volunteer)

Start Date: January 6, 2020

Although our school has a full-time school psychologist who provides personal counseling for students of all ages, as well as vocational testing, we have not ever had a full-time college and career guidance counselor at the high school level.  This is a new position being added with the goal of serving our students better and preparing them for the transition beyond high school.  At least for the first year, this position is not associated with a living stipend; applicants would need to come fully supported.

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NCAI Computer and Algebra Teacher

Start Date: July 27, 2020

Weekly elementary computer classes, daily secondary technology elective classes, and two sections of Algebra 1

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NCAI English ESL/ELL Teacher

Start Date: January 6, 2020

Pull-out ESL/ELL (English as a Second Language or English Language Learning) program to provide additional English language development support to small groups of elementary and secondary students.  We have one full-time ELL teacher and plan to add a second full-time ELL teacher to split the load and expand services into middle school and high school.

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NCAI Preschool Teacher (4-year-old class)

Start Date: July 27, 2020

The preschool classroom teacher is responsible for teaching and directing all core activities, including circle time, Bible, English, centers and closing activities

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NCAI Secondary English/Social Studies Teacher

Start Date: January 6, 2020

Variety of English and/or Social Studies classes in grades 7-12; specific assignment to be determined based on the strengths of the applicant.

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