Nicaragua Christian Academy Excelencia Académica con Fundamentos Cristianos


Welcome to Nicaragua Christian Academy!  We are glad that you are considering the possibility of joining this team of men and women who love God and desire to see His Kingdom grow through Christian education!

Current Opportunities

NCA is composed of three schools, and at any given time there may be openings at any of our schools.  Please see the list of openings below or visit the employment page for a specific school.

How do I Begin?

Because there are differences in the application process for each of our three campuses, please use the links below for information about employment opportunities at a particular NCA campus.

NCAI Assistant to the Director

Start Date: January 8, 2018

The role of the Assistant to the Director is to free the General Director’s time from organizing and administrative tasks so that he can spend maximum time on strategic tasks.  The assistant serves as the first point of contact in most communication with internal and external clients, and manages the logistical details of all of the director’s primary responsibilities. / El papel del Asistente al Director es liberar el tiempo del Director General de las tareas organizativas y administrativas para que pueda dedicar el máximo tiempo a tareas estratégicas.  El asistente es el primer punto de contacto en la mayoría de las comunicaciones con clientes internos y externos, y administra los detalles logísticos de todas las responsabilidades principales del director.

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NCAI Youth Group Lead Volunteer

Start Date: January 10, 2018

Volunteer high school or middle school youth group lead; works with the NCAI Chaplain who coordinates the overall program; part-time or full-time opportunity.

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