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12/12/2018 NCA Matagalpa Student Life

Science Lab - Eighth and Third Grades

Students participated in a lab week, practicing the knowledge they had gained in the classroom in the mixing of certain elements to observe the result and build on their conceptual knowledge base.

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12/10/2018 NCA International Student Life

DALE Nicaragua 2018

12 estudiantes de NCA International participaron en un simulacro de la OEA, utilizando procedimientos de debate parlamentario para discutir soluciones a problemas comunes en el continente americano.

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12/3/2018 NCA Matagalpa Faculty & Staff, Student Life

Special Education at NCA Matagalpa

Carolina Torrez just finished her 9th grade year at NCA-Matagalpa; she has chosen to serve as a teacher's assistant as her elective since she entered the school because she feels called to help kids with trouble learning or any sort of disability.

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11/19/2018 NCA International Student Life

ESVO Vocational Elective

This semester five NCA International students are receiving vocational training through a new elective course at ESVO (EScuela VOcacional), a vocational training program on NCA Nejapa’s campus.

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11/1/2018 NCA International Student Life

New Spanish as a Second Language Program

NCA International has developed a new component of the Spanish program, with a focus on communicative Spanish instruction.

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